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Secured loans are the most economical and popular option available to a broad spectrum of borrowers. They can be used to fund any conceivable need. The essential part of a secured loan is the presence of collateral, which guarantees the loan. Lenders find themselves at great comfort and ease while cash loans over the phone providing such a loan and hence do not think twice in lending large amounts at low interest rates. Read this short article to get a good insight into secured loans.

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Secured loans - probably one of the most popular types of loan uses the home or any additional property owned from the borrower as collateral. The customer pledges his house to the lender for the cash loans over the phone repayment duration. Although there are numerous other types of loan, but lenders are most comfortable while providing a secured loan. The obvious reason for this comfort is the element of security or security. This security ensures a peace of mind for the lender because he offers something to standard bank upon in case the customer defaults. This security prompts the lenders to offer loans at low interest rates. Secured loans are panacea for people who otherwise would have confronted a rejection because of the poor credit ratings or any additional cause. Therefore by offering appropriate collateral almost anyone can get the desired loan. Secured loans can be taken for a wide spectrum of uses such as debt consolidation, restoration of homes, funding a holiday or buying a cash loans over the phone new car.

The amount a person can get like a secured loan is dependent to cash loans over the phone a large extent on the value of the collateral. With appropriate security, secured loans of �5000 to � 50,000 are easily available. However, if the lenders feel that the security is of adequate value and the borrower has a good credit history, they do not hesitate in lending large amounts. Secured loans come with very easy repayment options and lenders keep borrower�s requirements into consideration while deciding on repayment plans. Secured loans possess repayment periods extending from five to twenty five years.

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) should be given serious thought by every customer who wants to take a secured loan. The APR is the interest rate charged on the loan. Secured loans possess very low APR�s ranging between 5% to 8% depending on the loan term, collateral value and credit worthiness of the customer. While taking a secured loan a customer has to pay some charges to the lender. The lender has to ensure that the collateral is definitely of sufficiently high value. For this purpose he takes the help of a professional valuator. This professional engagement has to be paid from the customer. The solicitor�s charges are also charged for preparing legal paperwork. The conveyance and office charges also add up the cost of taking a secured loan. The customer should be aware of all such charges and ask the lender about it in advance.

The process of applying for a secured loan has become very easy and hassle- free thanks to direct loans phone number the modern advances in information technology. All the leading loan over the phone financial institutions and top of the line loans over the phone lenders have on-line presence these days. It takes just a few minutes to post cash loans over the phone an online software via the lender�s site. A borrower can also apply through a telephone and by visiting the lender�s office in person.

Since a valuation process is involved in taking secured loans, the approval of such loans take a longer time as compared installment loans over the phone to unsecured loans. Lending agencies, in spite of having security will like to ensure the borrower�s creditworthiness. For this the lenders take the help of existing credit rating agencies. Most of the lenders take explicit permission from your customer before carrying out any credit examine. The entire process from submitting the application form for the secured loan to loan approval will become completed within 30 days in most cases. A credit agreement will enforce the terms and condition of loan on both parties- the lender and the customer. It would be a wise decision if a customer goes through the fine print of this agreement to avoid falling into any capture, which might be detrimental to his monetary and other interests. Shopping around for the right lender with the most economical present and the lowest APR will save a fortune for the customer.

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